You were very wrong if you thought that KOCHÉ, just because it wasn’t on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar, wasn’t going to present a collection. This season, far from holding a grandiose and avant-garde show, Christelle Kocher (the brand’s creative director) and her team have decided to unveil their Fall/Winter 23 proposal in a lookbook format.

Every season has its own thing and there’s something to highlight. Sometimes, that something can be magical, and best of all, if you visualize what you want and fight for it, it can become a reality. But that’s not all, if you add a pinch of intuition to these actions, the goal will be achieved. We don’t say it ourselves, KOCHÉ does, and it says it with certainty because the members of the team experience it in the showroom, the place where it all begins before the collection begins to travel to other places.

We are aware that there are times when what we have just told you fail, but in this case, all the stars have aligned to make it happen. The recently presented line identifies some of the house’s hallmarks, lovingly revisited to offer all its customers and followers new perspectives on Christelle’s vision of design.

More daring, more precise, and more intimate. This is how this new proposal could be defined, centered on versatile fabrics that become sweaters, hats, and scarves. The knit, which at first glance may seem easy to manipulate, is made more complex and a series of artisanal techniques and aspects of comfort is added, which bring fluidity to the volumes. All are made from Italian wool, the epitome of luxury and comfort.

Finally, the offering includes a motorbike motif inspired by German artist Alexandra Birchen. This bold and edgy addition gives the ensemble a bold and unique attitude. Contemporary art is a major influence on KOCHÉ, a way of creating beautiful clashes between cultures and the speed of our time and the delicacy needed to live in it.

See the collection below: