“Chapter 000 第零章: The Odyssey” collection is a prologue/capsule collection to the evolving visual science fiction of Kit Wan Studios, the distortion of reality, and to raise the curtain on the fictional characters in it through the interpretation of clothing design. A dialogue between Wan’s own strong Asian influences from his upbringing and the Scandinavian influences from his recent years in Norway.

The foundation of the collection is predominantly built on manga, animation, gaming and sci-fi cultures, while the dynamic and angular cuts and constructed details, make strong references to the mobile suits and uniform from Japanese Mecha manga like Gundam and Evangelion. They are Wan’s motifs created for our highly digitalized and tech-oriented world and his vision for this neutropia. Pastel color palette and smooth texture are widely used to capture the essence and the sense of a two-dimensional universe in a retro manga book.



Photographer: Issac Lam
Stylist: Bhisan Rai
Hair&make-up: KaHo Cheng
Model: Xu
Illustration: Otto To
Graphic design: Oojah Studio