Most of the attendees at the latest show of KidSuper, held during Paris Fashion Week, were unaware of the pleasant surprise they were about to get with the latest work of Colm Dillane, founder and creative director of the brand, and even less of what was about to happen.

Since the American debuted as a designer for a season for the men’s line of French fashion house Louis Vuitton, the hype around his person and vision has only grown. He had set the bar pretty high, as his previous collections and shows had been quite iconic, and about the latter, not exactly because of how easy it was to get into the show, as the young people in town who were fans of him blocked access and went to great lengths to get in.

Colm, despite his approachability and humble attitude, has suddenly become a superstar in the sector, and there are even some who dare to call him the new Virgil Abloh, because of how well he has connected with the culture of urban fashion and everything that surrounds it. For this reason, the success of his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, with which he blew everyone’s mind, must be added. The concept of a fashion show was elevated to another category, and what seemed like it was going to be an intimate show, due to the small space where it took place, became something massive, and not because of the high number of attendees, which was also, but by the amount of emotions that as it was developing it was generating.

Dillane’s new line began by being shown in the most elegant and sublime way there is, to the rhythm of violins and a short classical dance performance. This was followed by unveiling the women’s and men’s looks. The music changed to a different register. It went from music that exuded sensitivity and was in keeping with the romantic style of some of the outfits seen, some in vibrant colours and bold prints and others more subtle, to one that invited you to dance and that made you imagine yourself wearing Colm’s clothes on the coolest streets in the world or in the club of reference. For these occasions, there are the XL puffer jackets, with which you can stop losing your style due to low temperatures, knitwear, trousers with different prints, or sporty polo shirts worn with XL fur hats or balaclavas. As a fun fact, one of the polo shirts had the name of the iconic footballer Ronaldinho on the back, who by the way was there, and not sitting in the front row like Gunna or Daniel Kaluuya, but parading and wearing the KidSuper garments.

The finishing touch to the event was provided by the model in charge of closing the show, who wore a pullover and knitted trousers that were being destroyed as he walked and that ended up disappearing completely, revealing a perfectly constructed and embroidered white suit.

KidSuper has turned Paris and fashion week upside down again – what’s next?

Check out the collection below: