Kenzo announces the opening of a newly designed store for Italy on Milan’s Via Manzoni. The new 246 square meter store has been fitted with Kenzo’s latest approach to retail, developed by creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon and houses collections for women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, leather goods and footwear. Melding Kenzo’s unique style with modern architectural elements, the two-floor store offers an opportunity for the brand’s milanese customers, to wholly immerse themselves in the playful universe of Kenzo.

As a first step on their journey through Via Manzoni store, visitors will notice a unique sculpture of an italian icon, created to embrace the spirit of the local surroundings, a nod to the food culture of Milan. Gradually, each newly developed Kenzo store will feature a unique element celebrating its locality.

Upon moving through the store, the medley of materials and minerals such as concrete, cement and marble in varying tones and colors unexpectedly merge together to create this singular and effortless Kenzo shopping experience.

The store is dedicated to Kenzo’s pre-collections and runway collections for women and men as well as accessories, footwear and leather goods. marble carpeting, sporadically placed over the concrete flooring and color coded for the different zones add touches of brightness to compliment the men’s and women’s offering. Accessories shelves and hanging structures for garments in anodized aluminium in dark blue or natural tones provide the perfect contrast to the white or mirrored walls and accentuate each individual piece on display. Grids of fluorescent tube lighting grid hang overhead, custom made for the store add to the geometric feel of the space. The stairwell which divides the upstairs and downstairs spaces and monoliths which serve as the cash desk are a deep lapis lazuli. Furnishings include glass showcase vitrines with steel piping for smaller accessories, suiting tables with embossed metal displays and sofas in soft leathers and tainted furs. Offering a more engaging shopping experience, electronic screens work as moving picture tiles, providing extra digitalized space to present each season’s major themes via animation or specially considered fashion films.


20121 MILANO
T. +39 02 728 0735