The KENZO Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, curated by Artistic Director Nigo, offers an intriguing insight into his personal world while paying homage to the very essence of Japan. This campaign serves as a vibrant intersection of traditional values and the pulsating underground, effectively encapsulating the dynamic heart of KENZO.

Nigo invites us into a cultural dialogue that takes root in the streets of Kyoto and Osaka. This interplay unfolds through a captivating ensemble cast, showcasing the blend of East and West in locations that mirror the multifaceted identities of these two cities. The electric energy of Osaka’s streets and its youthful underground scene collide with the historical tapestry of Kyoto, where echoes of heritage and a concealed youth-driven music culture reside. The visuals, captured by Keizo Kitajima’s on-location photography and Frank Lebon’s moving imagery, encapsulate the cosmopolitan spirit that defines Nigo’s vision at KENZO, all against the backdrop of his native Japan.

Check out the campaign images below: