Neither the rain nor the traffic that was generated until arriving at the show’s location could dampen Sunday afternoon. Despite the cold and grey skies that reigned in the Italian city, the day ended in the best possible way, discovering the Fall/Winter 23 proposal that the British designer Jonathan Anderson had prepared for his brand, JW ANDERSON.

Anderson, like the good designer he is, began to create all this from scratch, on a blank slate, with nothing else. From this and letting himself be carried away by his ideas, the rest began to emerge and gave way to quilts, shrunken jackets with dropped collars, shorts with ruffles, or boots kept under lock and key, related to the sense of ownership.

Unconsciously and without planning it, Anderson once again became one of the protagonists of Milan Fashion Week, thanks to his creative and fun vision of fashion. Well, he and the now world-famous Wellipets, which referred to his childhood and the security that the memories of home transmit to him. And if we’re talking about home, we have to mention the intimacy and domesticity it exudes. It’s time to love and cuddle up with yourself (or a pillow) and to wear comfortable clothes, such as cozy jumpers and flowing trousers that just the sight of them invites you to put them on, or why not total looks with bunny prints that run along the body.

Today everything is for everyone, and the important thing is to share. In terms of fashion, this could be translated into saying that clothes are no longer for men or women, but for whoever wants to wear them and feels comfortable in them. JW ANDERSON says yes to genderless and unisex style and makes it clear and signed for the record.

Check out the collection below: