Somewhere between Mark Hollis & Scott Walker, “Know” is the opening and the essential track of Jungstötter‘s upcoming new album One Star. Directed by Max Hilsamer and Sebastian Eppner, the latter also a member of Jungstötter’s band, “Know” is a romantic pop effort intricately playing between melancholy, tentative, sensitively developed, secure, and fragile.

“During the production of an album, there are some songs you struggle with and some songs that come together in an oddly easy way. “Nothing Is Holy” is one of the latter. I produced it all by myself, and it set the tone for the rest of the songs to come early on” — shares Jungstötter

After experiencing a personal crisis, Jungstötter starts picking up the pieces that a severe depression had left of his music and self-esteem as an artist. The album One Star (available from April 28th) had often loomed over him like a dark star, threatening to swallow him, but that star began to glow in the calm after the storm. Throughout knowledge and transcendence, Jungstötter moves between earth and heaven, exploring the contrast between light and darkness.

Watch “Know” below: