Remember the JORDANLUCA’s Fall/Winter 2023 show in Lonsdale? From this cam a standout piece: The Triple Waistband Underwear. It’s all about the ‘more is more’ vibe, pushing the envelope on sexual stereotypes and leaving just enough to the imagination.

The brand’s underwear line is back with a bang: JORDANLUCA Underwear 2.0. The JT-1 and JT-3 styles get a classic Grey/White makeover, while the Black/Black and White/White briefs and boxers are back in stock for sizes S-XL.

There’s also a fresh take on Jockstraps, keeping the 95% cotton and 5% elastane mix, medium-rise waist, and those Lion and Unicorn motifs that playfully poke fun at British stereotypes.

And let’s not forget the IGGY Top and Bottom. The IGGY Top is a snug micro vest that hugs your chest and arches over your back. The IGGY Bottom? It’s a Jock-less Jockstrap that you can wear over, under, or without underwear—adding a twist of kink and rebellion.

Check out the campaign images below:


Both the IGGY pieces come in Black or White Fine Rib Cotton, with JORDANLUCA branding to boot. Check out the full range online at