The designer duo that makes up the JORDANLUCA brand have perfectly analysed their target audience and know what their customers/followers want and expect of them. From the moment they joined the official calendar of the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, the positive feedback on their work has been pouring in.

Their creations are revered by young fashion lovers, and by the not-so-young, and even the designs of Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, the company’s creative directors, have sold out in a matter of days (something very difficult to achieve nowadays, if you do it legally, and don’t apply a cheating sales strategy).

It’s more than obvious that the brand is at its peak, and to celebrate it and to accompany the men’s pieces with a touch of raver, they have decided to launch the first line of sunglasses, composed of a single model, available in two colors, and seen for the first time during the Spring/Summer 23 fashion show.

Named XP1, the shades come in metallic silver and black. To create it, the label has used a flexible, lightweight thermoplastic, which gives it the desired, futuristic cat-eye shape. The detail that sets this eyewear apart is the cut-out daggers on the nylon lenses.

What do you think of the first item of its kind from JORDANLUCA? If you like it, and you have 225 £, you can get your hands on them now through the website.