Like freeing a garment of provenance from its acid-free texture, Jordanluca‘s vision is a discovery. The trailblazing duo bring together a tale that provides heritage and artisanal skill with a modern take of what we like wearing. Clothes that reveal an awareness of the world we live in, right now and into the future, the collection is created from pre-loved fabrics upcycled, recycled, faux and organic textiles. Functional shapes burst into a romantic flourish. Renaissance ruffs are revived into prints and artistic drama yet to be lived in. Tradition as in craft is emblazoned by idealism, further deepened by passion and strength of conviction. A timeline of authentic dressing that goes from the street to club, from office to country walk, onwards and upwards – protest and march are paramount. JORDANLUCA seemingly fancifies the situation with decadent, thought-provoking and subversive references to the 17th century; a time much like now where the upper crust would flaunt their wealth to the poor who actually provide their wealth in the form of taxes and cheap labor. Reclaim what is yours. A 2020 Renaissance linked to division and loss which indeed signifies a call to action. Take notes, JORDANLUCA want us to layer up, they want us to reimagine rules that are broken and start afresh. They want us to go forward with a sense of bravery. They want to protect us from the elements and provide us a sense of environmental insight.

Backstage photos by Oliver Thompson @o.jt in exclusive for Fucking Young!