There are two unforgivable cultures in the UK: tea parties and raves, which by the way, the latter emerged in the country in the early 90s, where this type of event was held illegally and wildly.

Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, founders and creative directors of the fashion and accessories brand JORDANLUCA and above all naughty boys, have decided to take inspiration from these two themes to develop their first homeware collaboration with the Italian design brand Seletti, known worldwide for its originality and unconventional approach.

“Meltdown” is the name given to the project, whose aim is to pay homage to British culture in an original way. The collab is mainly composed of a whole tea service ranging from porcelain cups and tea pots to trays. All of them are endowed with a psychedelic design that makes each one special, as well as a fine touch of gold that embellishes them.

The JORDANLUCA and Seletti collaboration is now available for purchase. Click here to do so.

Have a look at the images below: