Jordan Arthur Smith unveiled his latest fashion collection titled “Riparium.” This new series is all about the beauty that can come from working within limits. The name “Riparium” comes from a word for places where land meets water, and it reflects the collection’s theme of change and growth.

Smith crafted this collection in a small, personal space, proving that you don’t need a big studio to make something special. He played around with his usual way of making patterns, taking apart sculptures to design clothes that are simple yet striking. The focus is on the seams, which wrap around the body in new ways because he’s left out parts like armholes.

Smith’s earlier collections were all about breaking design down to the basics. Now, he’s thinking about how clothes can be more than just clothes. For example, he’s made a bag that can also be a vest, using leather molded over ceramic to create a pattern that’s become a signature look for his brand.

With “Riparium,” Smith is inviting everyone to think about their own changes and how they interact with the world. The clothes are meant to change with you, just like the natural areas that inspired the collection.

Check out the collection below: