Jon Sofferud present us the Evidence/Artifacts collection. Jon tried to explore how to translate a feeling of claustrophobia, and vacuum, in to the shapes but also in the technics of the fabric.

“The starting point of this collection were an emotion i couldn’t quite categorize. your confusion and your need to analyze start to tamper with the set of reality and i soon understood that I was collecting evidence, sealing them off, having an objective view  and then started to draw conclusions, making links to the past, memories and seeing them subjectively.

The manipulation of fabrics, and using force to create excess volumes, and use  the link that is between suffocation and nakedness.  Using compressed jersey as a key element for causing friction  between the stable top layer, i was able to achieve a feeling of a vacuum. The essence of the sideviews are also important in the way i work and how the  excess volume comes to the front, and how i balance the concept by using light fabrics, and shorts.  Key elements in all silhouette is that of something out of vacuum. either  it is a jacket, a coat, a shorts, accessory or detail. The direct translation and the  esthetic element binds this collection together.”