“La Casa” is the new chapter offered by the already-considered fashion house Jacquemus that comes in the form of a collection and serves as a commemoration of 15 years in the industry.

Simon Porte, the firm’s founder and creative director, has been clear from the beginning how far he wanted to take his vision, which he has moved ambitiously and boldly around the world, from Hawaii and Provence to Capri, his latest stop, where he celebrated his Fall 2024 runway show in front of an exclusive cast of guests including Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, pop star Dua Lipa, Italian rapper Ghali and successful actors Manu Rios and Aron Piper. They all travelled to the iconic Casa Malaparte, a place that captivated the designer 15 years ago and whose access was only possible by boat, to discover first-hand the prepared novelties.

The chosen location was already a sign that what was going to be seen on the tile-coloured catwalk would be something quite interesting and, in part, related to it. The new Jacquemus proposal is a far cry from what it has presented in recent years. Now all the clothes look elegant and chic, timeless, and even richer. This is due to the near absence of prints, the development of different silhouettes, the attention to fabrics and details, and the colour palette, which is more summer-oriented than autumnal.

Jacquemus men will now wear tailored blazers and trouser suits – of different lengths – fitted at the waist and with pleats; jackets in various fabrics with exaggerated proportions, especially in the collar area, and with precise panelling; different upper garments with circular sleeves that fall like waterfalls; waistcoats that expose shoulders and arms shaped for the rest of the year and ready to show off; polo shirts to wear during the day at a beach club or in the evening at a dinner with friends; and Bermuda shorts. This type of trousers is one of the undisputed stars of the menswear section, as the majority are like this. Some of them have a zebra/tiger print; one of the few prints in the line along with the sailor print.

Mariners are often professionals who advocate craftsmanship, as does the Maison, and this technique can be found in the new bag model called “La Spiaggia”, born on the beach and with a square shape and round opening; and in the ‘Le Bombola’, with an angular, architectural shape, available in leopard jacquard and smooth leather in sand tones, punctuated with a large, sculpted magnetic ring.

Footwear, part of the line that also contains craftsmanship, treads delicately on Italian ground and comes as square-toed espadrilles and moccasins, extending silhouettes through revisited bourgeois archetypes. Essential summer accessories like caps, hats, and more complement Simon’s latest work.

Have a look at Jacquemus’ “La Casa” collection below: