Designer Jens Werner showed his Spring/Summer 2019 collection for Swedish label J.Lindeberg at Copenhagen Fashion Week. While the sportswear brand is known for its golf and ski clothing, this season they took a look more at coastal mindset. East and West coast in particular for the “surf.america” titled presentation.

Jens explained ”America because of The American Dream, what it stands for. Anything is possible…Surfing, literally in the ocean, and also metaphorically….The East and West Coast. Skating. Biking to work. Classic cars, the subway. Steam pipes in the streets. America because of New York. The pace, the drive, the grit, glamour.”

The casting fit the skating/surfing feel as models walked out to thumping beats in tailored jackets paired with cycling shorts, trainers, and red, white and blues.


Photos by Meha Karimi in exclusive for Fucking Young!