There are some things that will instantly transport you away. And this is very much the case for Italian newcomer Gabriele Graziani. “I am grateful,” the young bloke tells me over the phone at the start of our conversation. He ruminates on his feelings about the move in his career plan: from doubt and confusion, to hope and self-assurance. “I know there’s so much hardship in this goddamned business,” Graziani says. “Despite my young age, I was lucky enough to pose alongside supermodel Stella Maxwell, for a small job which turned out being Grazia Italia’s cover. Waking up that morning, buying the magazine on newsstands as well as seeing myself on the cover was such a thrill,” he joyfully reminisces. Gabriele Graziani isn’t the kind of person who wakes up in a bad mood. Throughout our conversation, he strikes me as someone who is witty and honest, whether we’re discussing exclusive moments – or the implementation of media on modern society. “The truth is that in the fashion world, social media are clearly a very important business card,” he reflects. “Also, I believe this is the reason models have a digital portfolio, which should be taken care of and updated constantly by using shots of our best works that truly represent who we are.” Though modeling plunged in quite inadvertently, he was ready to break the mold at all costs. “I felt prepared for this shit,” he proudly tells me. Indeed, aspiring to carve a lane in a system often noted as adverse, it’s the drive that helps people like him find common ground within fashion. Graziani is taking this newfound belief in his stride, which shines through when I ask him how he plans to achieve the ultimate career goal: “I believe that if luck and resilience will guide me for as long as I work in fashion, I will thrive. You just need to know your worth.”

Talent: Gabriele Graziani @gabrielegraziani_
Photography: Marcello Arena @marcello_arena
Fashion: Mirko De Propris @mirkodepro
Grooming: Mattia Andreoli @__mattiaandreoli__
Fashion Assistant: Corrado Sapuppo @corradosd
Brands: Tom Browne, Moncler, Kenzo, Valenti, Versace, Etro, Federico Cina, Marco De Vincenzo, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo