For SS23, ISNURH dives into the duality of Time and Place. Into the paradox that lies within these terms. How opposites meet. Like rain on a sunny afternoon. The feeling of being in two places at once. When we humans progress, we go through a process of self-discovery. A very conscious state, where we feel ourselves being torn from our present shape. Evolving as we observe. Being both the marble and the sculptor. Realizing that we are no longer who or where we once were. Seeing our previous selves standing behind. Present and distant all at once. This contrast is what inspires ISNURH this collection presented at Tranoi, during Paris Fashion Week.

Translating into toned-down colors and soft gradients, embellished with bold details and colorful artworks. Using graphics to explore what happens when you take something historic and place it in a contemporary context. Unifying past with present, picturing the future.