Sheep Inc. have set out to make the perfect summer clothing starting from the only material with twelve thousand years of product development. Knowing that Merino sheep, obliviously grazing somewhere in New Zealand, held the secret to a transformative life hack. When things warm up, grab the wool. A summer wearing wool. Skeptical? They get it. But just as you trusted their relentless pursuit of softness — hear them out on this one as well. There’s some solid (scientific) reasoning behind having wool as a go-to when the mercury rises.

Merino wool can naturally regulate body temperature. When hot, its exceptional breathability allows it to release warmth as needed to prevent overheating. It also has a unique ability to draw moisture away from the skin. It can absorb around 35% of its own weight before feeling wet to the touch (compared to around 7% for synthetic fibres and 20% for linen). In short, wearing wool in the summer makes perfect sense. It’s a light, fresh layer that can literally take care of itself.

Keeping you perfectly temperature regulated, whilst resisting wrinkles and odor-causing moisture (aka sweat). The way this affects your daily life. You can stop worrying about the look of your clothes, or whether you have unsightly patches expanding under your armpits and spend more time simply enjoying summer. That’s their (sheep in- cluded) transformative life-hack for you. The new spring collection made from their finest regenerative Merino wool, now in Shorts, T-shirts, and Trousers. The very softest of revolutions has begun.

Take a better look below at the collection: