After many years in the creative space and after having put her extraordinary vision into creating the high fashion streetwear label A.A.Spectrum (2015 – 2020), Elisabet Stamm is excited to launch her latest project – STAMM.

Being a fan of Volvo since early childhood, Elisabet Stamm has always been inspired by the 1985 Volvo 740 ad showing the car taking off from the road saying ‘YES IT WILL FLY’. Let us say she is equal parts poetic and ‘truck’, and so is her first collection under her namesake label. She finds purpose in bringing both people and diverse working methods together, striving for STAMM to have a multi-dimensional shape and an organic language.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection presents graphic artworks, that came to life in a creative exchange with Malaysian typographer Sueh Li Tan, put onto oversized puffy outerwear and delicate tracksuit-like essentials. The words ‘rise’, ‘shine’, ‘yes’ and ‘fly’ are drawn by hand in traditional calligraphy style and then printed on sturdy and luxurious materials, which have been chosen as a support to the creative vision of a collection that is at once humane and superior.

Stamm herself is interested in bringing across traditions that are incredibly rich, but – sadly – dying. “We worked with a selection of Indian hand-spun khadi fabrics and merged those with recycled man-made delicate ripstop polyesters. Lightweight down pieces are where I’ve specialized my work experience in, and in this collection, I enjoyed playing with ‘functional outerwear’ by working embellished and extravagant pieces in abnormal fabrics into subtle styles mainly in organic Ikat cottons” says Stamm of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. It’s not a one-way road that brings us forward and so the materials represent the same approach by either being organic and hand-made or recycled when man-made.