The skin is beautiful in all its states: wrinkled, soft, wet with bodily fluids, dry, shiny. In its first drop, RUMU BEAUTY proposes taking care of it with four key products to combine, adapt and be used freely: a facial cleanser and cream, a multifunction balm, and a lip scrub.

An openly queer approach to a hitherto brutally binary business that seeks to encourage different points of view on gender and beauty and results in a key product line for everyone.


Vegetable wax + Olive oil + CBD

Balm with an ointment texture and a plant base – unctuous, nourishing and soothing – to apply both to the lips and to any rough, irritated or very dry area of the skin.


7 Facial Cleanser

Matcha + Chia seed oil + Açai extract + Jojoba oil
Oil based, nutrient rich Facial cleanser

This oil-based facial cleanser is soap free, nonsense free and easy to use. It cleanses the skin in a soft, fluid and respectful


11 Face Cream

Postbiotics + Sea-buckthorn + Kelp
Naturally enhances skin hydration and regeneration.

This cream is like a tribe of live nutrients coming together with the rich ecosystem of your facial skin. Apply 2 pumps to clean
hands, apply to face with gentle touches and massage until absorbed.



Jojoba pearls + Apricot seeds + Almond oil

Double grain vegetable scrub – one fine and one coarse – with juicy oils and regenerative fluids that removes dead skin from the lips to restore their soft and fleshy texture.

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