Gucci‘s new collection, “Encounters,” is all about freedom and meeting cute – between the city and the beach, at museums, or anywhere life takes you.

Think sharp suits with a twist, comfy double-breasted jackets, and zip-up jackets for a casual vibe. They mix it up with playful “infinity print” shirts featuring surfers and dolphins, and luxurious knits with shimmering paillettes.

Footwear gets a makeover too, with the iconic Horsebit reimagined as boots and loafers. Sneakers get a 3D upgrade, and scuba slip-ons join the party. Bags come in all shapes and sizes, from archive-inspired pieces to super soft pillow bags and crossbody bags with the classic Gucci snap.

As Creative Director Sabato de Sarno says, “This collection is about feeling free, just like the ocean washes over any shore. It’s about connection and living life to the fullest.

Check out the collection below: