Istituto Marangoni London presents tomorrow 2nd July, its Fashion Show of the School’s 2019 best designers, a unique opportunity to meet a new generation of designers and be inspired by their projects developed during the last year. Anticipating to the NEW ERA show, today we can share the work of one of the outstanding students, Natalia Esteve Garcia Ancira and her menswear proposal: Sois Sage Ô Ma Douleur (Be Wise Oh My Pain).

Born and raised in Mexico City Mexico and now living in London, Natalia dedicates her work to the exploration of our deepest selves, the essence. Working with self-portraiture has allowed her to create a tangible voice for all those intangible feelings and voices that live within us all. She envisions this as a way to express those feelings and moments that allow us to hear a rhythm behind the unbearable, scratching, nauseating sound of constant obsessive thinking patterns, somewhat of a true pulse behind the loud beats of the ego.

The collection is a self-portrait that tells the story of identity through addiction or concealment of the self. From the seduction to being caught in a never-ending cycle of self-hatred and oblivion; reconnecting with ourselves by way of realizing that we are so much more than what we told ourselves we were; the you behind the facade.

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