Redefining men’s sexiness. Spanish brand KVRT STVFF first broke a sweat in 2018, inspired by and designed for powerful men who feel confident in their own skin and also showing it. Fuelled by sporty and simple aesthetics, the designs of KVRT STVFF embody boldness and strength differently, without stereotypes. Always looking for the contemporary and towards what is coming tomorrow, and inspired by a new perception of sport and workouts, KVRT STVFF designs clothes to be worn whenever men break a sweat.

A whole universe beyond clothes surrounds KVRT STVFF. It’s about attitudes and moods of empowerment and redefinition of the contemporary man. It’s a statement of a different image of masculinity: men who are proud of their own goals and confident in themselves. This new man is not ashamed of his body, regardless of his physical appearance – and he doesn’t mind showing it. Design proportions and shapes are always aligned with the physique and psyche of the KVRT STVFF man to highlight his body. Above all, KVRT STVFF is about enhancing, not about artificiality. All garments are designed and prototyped in the KVRT STVDIO, located in Barcelona.

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