Hotel Louis emerges as the latest sensation in the world of Belgian luxury, a brand that owes its inception to the creative vision of Louis Appelmans. At the heart of Hotel Louis lies a commitment to redefining elegance, breathing new life into the classic silk carré by infusing it with contemporary flair.

The brand’s signature innovation is a special shirt button tab system, ingeniously designed to integrate the carrés seamlessly into modern fashion. This transformative approach not only modernizes the styling but also enhances the versatility of the garment, allowing for a seamless transition from a traditional accessory to a statement piece of the modern wardrobe.

Each carré is a canvas that tells a story, with intricate drawings that depict individual hotel rooms. When these carrés are brought together, they form a cohesive hotel map, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the Hotel Louis experience. The artistry involved in these creations is twofold: they are meticulously handcrafted before being digitally printed onto pure silk, a process that preserves the artisanal and artistic integrity of the original design.

Check out the collection below:


Photography: Benoît Bethume/ @benoitbethume
Damir Draganic, Virginie Bostyn, Astrid Begenyeza, Dimitri Poorter, Gregory Nevens, Martine Hermans & Saskya Von Fotzen
Make-up: Nakani Keita/ @kani_na
Hair: Taisiia Povalii/@tois_hair