An explosion of colors, asymmetrical cuts and overlaps. Francesca Reberschegg, a young Italian fashion designer, offers a stylistic mix strong and up to date. This promising talent tells Fucking Young! the main theme of her first collection presented during the graduation fashion show of Polimoda in Florence.


Fucking Young! –  Ciao Francesca, let’s start with the classic preamble, tell us about you, what is your story?

Francesca Reberschegg – My story is probably a little bit different from how we can image: I’ve always loved to draw, but I attended Classic High School, a type of school absolutely opposed to an artistic one. This is why as soon as I could, I vented my creativity and emotions by drawing, until my drawings have started to be only fashion designs drawings, actually without a real reason. So I like to think that my passion for fashion has developed through the years with my personal and cultural growth. So instead of going to study Law,at the end of High School, I had the possibility to go to Polimoda,that was my dream university, and it helped me grotwh and became the designer I am today.


FY! – We appreciated your last collection at the recent Polimoda fashion show in Florence, could you tell about the ideas that inspired you?

FR –  My last Collection is the result of a deep research on my roots: starting from my surname spelling, through letters, pictures and forgotten memories of the past. This research has been very important for the development of this year collection,but especially for me, since most of my family’s stries i’ve been through, were totally new to me, it’s been like rebuild a lost identity, my own identity, as looking in the mirror and see me, a woman aware of her own past and so,a little bit more conscious of her present.


FY! – The choice of colors and prints has a strong effect, do they have a particular meaning for you?

FR –  Colors and prints of my collection are linked with my inspiration and research on my surname: all of my prints are a mix of drawings I made while researching and reelaborating my past. They’re colored drawings of black and white pictures from my family’s album, that have been destroyed and rebuilded to create a new mix of images and shapes, a contemporary family album. Another important element has been the work of Baptiste Debombourg, a contemporary artist who works on the concept of creating new volumes and identity through the distruction of a everyday object. This concept was linked with the research i was doing on my roots and it has been inspiring for the work i have been doing on the graphics and prints of my collection.


FY! – How you define the style of your collection?

FR – The style of my designs is a mix of classic and sportswear, i always try to combine the two aspects and be concrete on my designs, keeping the attention on the functionality of the garment.


FY! – The menswear seems to be heading towards a new way, less conventional and classic, due to the creative minds of new designers and to the technological developments in the sector. Is your work more traditional or innovative, and why?

FR – My work is definitely more innovative, even if I am aware of the fact that I am designing menswear, so the garments needs to be always functional and wearable. For my collection I completely made all of my fabrics and all of my garments are functional and detailed inside and outside. The part I like the most of the designing process is the researching on new techniques of sewing or pattern-making and fabrics. It’s incredible how many different kind of details or special treatments on fabrics and so on, you can do today!and I think this is the future of fashion, the attention on details and new technology applied on garments.


FY! – In conclusion, from our conversation has emerged that you have long since been knowing Fucking Young! What is really FUCKING YOUNG for you?

FR – I’ve been knowing Fucking Young! since I started Polimoda. I remember when,before starting the work on my collection, I was looking at new designers collections on Fucking Young! I was so amazed by the amount of new ideas and contemporary designs. it’s always been a really source of inspiration and news on what it is actually going on right now in the world of fashion design.