Fursac brought together music and fashion for one night during Paris Fashion Week at the iconic venue Maroquinerie where Miles Kane hit the stage. Along with his work as a solo artist, he co-fronts the fronting The Last Shadow Puppets alongside Arctic Monkeys’ frontman, Alex Turner, and is the former frontman of The Rascals. Last year saw him drop his solo album One Man Band, we wanted to catch Miles before heads off on tour. The album sees Miles focus on big hooks and even bigger anthems. Sharp, infectious, urgent, and packed to the brim with singalong moments, it’s Miles at the top of his game. 

Miles Kane with Fursac Creative Director Gauthier Borsarello

Like Fursac, both are elegant and cool. We sent our photographers Marc Medina and Liza Prykhodko backstage to peel back the layers on his style, after all, it’s Paris Fashion Week, so what better timing to reflect on his fashion journey?


Do you have a favorite fashion era?
At school as a kid, my goal was to have an all-black tracksuit, it started at an early age and then around ten I got into Oasis which was doing this whole track thing. Also, the mod theme was a big thing for me like Paul Weller. A fitted sharp look is always my reset. Sometimes you can go a bit more flamboyant but I always go back to that, it reminds me of being a kid and I never grew out of it. Paul Weller told me about Jacque Dutronc and the way he dressed had a big impression on me as well. I like suits with an edge, like what I’m wearing now, I don’t feel like I’m in a suit.

Was Paul Weller your style icon growing up?
Yes, Paul, Liam Gallagher, the guitarist Link Wray, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

If you could bring back on trend, what would it be?
I don’t really follow trends, it’s about whatever I’m feeling at the time. I get inspired by funny things like wrestling and boxing. I take little bits from them, like at one stage I was wearing makeup and in my mind, I took inspiration from a wrestler with T.Rex if that makes sense!

Tonight you are dressed in Fursac, how would you describe the vibe?
I discovered them about six months ago, and I only ever do stuff if I’m into it. When they approached me, they had so many looks and stuff that I would wear and feel comfortable in. Once I put the clothes on, I was well impressed. The fit and look of it is classic and 100% my vibe.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
The pink fluffy coat, the suit I’m wearing now I feel sexy in, but I’m touring soon and I want to appear in the pink coat, like an entrance coat. You will see it, baby!

What is one piece of clothing you would want to keep for the next twenty years?
There are some old football shirts that I had when I was a kid. I was obsessed with Italian soccer. I wrote a song about Baggio (a track on One Man Band) and ended up meeting him. As a kid, I was obsessed and still am at thirty-seven. In 1994, England was in the World Cup and Italy was there, I was really intrigued by their look and style. I hadn’t seen footballers look sexy with long hair before, they weren’t what I was used to so it really opened up a door for me. Those shirts I had from a kid fit now. When I was a kid they must have hung like dresses. I was getting extra large at ten, I’m still growing into them. I’ve done all the football hairstyles, but still no mullet. But never say never mate.

Must have been quite the experience to have met Roberto Baggio.
It was incredible, the nicest guy ever.

You are about to go on tour and just finished your set here tonight during Fashion Week. Do you like playing Paris?
I love it, I’ve been fortunate that ever since I started playing in a band around seventeen or eighteen, I’ve been able to play every year. It’s been a good home for me, France in general to be honest. I love it and holds a special place in my heart.

Are you looking forward to going on tour?
Yeah! I would say to come to the Paris gig, but since you are from Barcelona, come to the gig there in March.

What are you most excited about?
It’s funny because the longevity of an album doesn’t last as much as they used to, but with this album that came out in August, I’m still so invested in it. Sometimes an album comes out and you are thinking about the next thing, and want to move on, but at the moment I feel like I really found something in myself and musically, so I’m just enjoying it, and doing little bouts of writing here and there. I love this style and just want to make a better version of what I’m doing now.

You can tell during a concert if the musician is enjoying playing or not. When you performed, we could see that you were enjoying it.
I love even playing the old songs. They all take me someplace and I get a special memory in my head. I love them.

Photos by Marc Medina and Liza Prykhodko at Fursac 2024/25 Paris Fashion Week

Following the release of his stunning new album One Man Band, Miles Kane is kicking off 2024 with a headline tour of the UK and EU, including Paris 19/2, Lisbon 1/3, Barcelona 5/3 and more. Tickets are on sale HERE.