Indice Studio just unveiled their Fall/Winter 2017 lookbook. The label is known for being a transgressive brand, and this season we see the dramatic process of the melting Arctic ice as inspiration behind the collection. While politics and the climate seem to clashing on headlines and around discussions table, there is a “willful blindness” when facing climate change.

This notion is explored further making it the central idea behind the collection whilst reflecting on the human psychology. “It’s the lies that kill me” is embroidered onto the back of a button-down shirt and Italian wool hooded coat, and then half-concealed by a piece of fabric; signifying the weakness of humans when facing the challenging truth. With a generation uncertain about their future on this planet, dressing codes have adapted. Sartorial pieces are now translated with utilitarian elements.

Photography: Kan Han Li
Model: Egor Semenov
Make-up & Styling: Indice Studio Team