Hat by Beyond Retro; Shirt by William Richard Green, Denim cut off jacket by Bennet Loveday

Hat by William Richard Green, Vest by Bennet Loveday, Coat and jumpsuit by Aiden Weaver, Trainers by Supra

Hat by Beyond Retro, Shirt by Revolution, Cut-off jumper by Beyond Retro, Jeans by Bennet Loveday, Bag by William Richard Green

Top by Aiden Weaver, Vest by H&M, Sweatpants by Bennet Loveday, Trainers by Supra

Hat, Shirt & Sweatpants by William Richard Green, Mesh top by Bennet Loveday, Trainers by Supra

Jacket by Eric Turgo, Shirt, Sweatpants & Bag by William Richard Green, Trainers by Convers

New face Ian Sharp from Elite London photographed by Izras and styled by Rachel Cooper with pieces from London fashion designers, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.


Photography: Izras

Styling and Art Direction: Rachel Cooper

Grooming: Sara Ibgi

Model: Ian Sharp @ ELITE London