Jacek is a graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz. Designer specialises in printing on textiles, his works were shown at the Salon Indigo at Premiere Vision Trade Fair in Paris.

“When I’ve started making this collection I found that I was able to express ideas, stories and moods more effectively through clothing than he ever managed to through art. The challenge of having to overcome the restriction of menswear has motivated me to be a menswear designer. In contrast to womenswear, menswear is very much rooted in tradition, in which what is appropriate for a man to wear is clearly defined. My work is very much based on the tension created in the process of testing these limits. A good example is the jacket, a classic men’s garment but executed in own designed digital printed textile. I discover the beauty of faulty and damaged things, when people tend to look the other way. This environment’s imperfection inspires me to make hand-dyed garment.”

Designer: Jacek Klosinski
Photo/concept:: Lukasz Brzeskiewicz
Model: Michal / AMQ
Set + props: Zuza Slominska
Make-up + hair: Aleksandra Mach