New York Fashion Week has already begun and continues to develop successfully, and among so many designers who have taken advantage of the New York edition to unveil their proposals, we have stopped in front of the designer Heron Preston, who by the way has always looked to the city of skyscrapers as a source of inspiration for his eponymous brand since its launch in 2016, with a collaboration with the New York Department of Sanitation.

The recently unveiled collection drew particular attention for the dynamism it exuded and the raw finished role the streets played in the collection, one of the reasons the brand decided to return to the NYFW runways. It was time to celebrate and that’s one of the missions that as the designer himself said he had to carry out: “my mission is to celebrate the people that make New York the city that it is”, says Preston. That means presenting real fashion and timeless ideas that don’t follow seasonality or ephemeral trends.

Workwear, of course, had to be present in the line, and it was, in the form of canvas bomber coats, frayed denim carpenter’s trousers, and utility shirts, as leather made an appearance in police jackets and five-pocket trousers. Something to note is the shapes of the pieces, loose and finished with wear and natural ageing, which subtly recalled Heron’s affinity for vintage and pre-loved garments. Shearling and faux fur are present in many aspects of the collection, from aviator jackets and coats to carabiner bags, elevating New York’s winter wardrobe. Industrial textures make their way in with rubber dip treatments on fine silver jewelry and tailored suits padded with Tyvek foam padding for men.

And what is New York without the sports/college vibe or patriotism? Absolutely nothing and H.P. knows this very well, that’s why these elements together with extreme motoring have also inspired the graphic direction and have all been mixed. We have the example of the varsity jacket reimagined once again with new colors, materials, and motifs, the flaming flags and motocross-inspired graphics already seen in the Spring/Summer 23 collection, or the iconic New York City-inspired graphics including HPNY, H.P.C Security and NYC Censored prints.

Footwear is updated with new styles for men, including the Toby Mid Top, a nostalgic ’90s skateboarding shoe, the existing Block Stepper, and sandals in new colorways.

Last but not least, like any celebration, this one has to have a good icing on the cake, and that’s the ski and snowboard capsule, consisting of high-performance jackets, trousers, and thermal underlayers. Other technical apparel options include puffy jackets, windbreakers, and quilted waistcoats made from recycled nylon as part of Heron Preston’s EX-Ray sustainable program. Heron Preston’s EX-Ray sustainable initiative.

Check out the collection below: