Hélas is dropping a new collection for Summer 2024, and it’s all about those good old days. Think of the ’80s when digital was just starting, and we all tried our hand at making art on computers. This collection brings that vibe back with designs that remind you of the first time you played with Powerpoint or Paint.

It’s also a throwback to the ’90s beach scene—those lazy days spent surfing, skating, and just hanging out. The clothes? They’re loud and proud with their ’80s patterns, like the Brush Shorts and Tee. And if you ever watched Fresh Prince, you’ll get the feel with the Bel-Air Shirt.

There’s also some chill gear for those who like to keep it cool but stylish, like the Negative Short and Crewneck. And for a splash of color, the Cool Coog Knit is your go-to.

Hélas kept it local for the shoot, teaming up with folks from Biarritz to capture that mix of city and beach life. They did the photography themselves, showing off what it’s like to cruise around and relax with your pals.

Check out the collection below: