GUESS USA is doing everything possible and more to re-enter the fashion industry, and it seems to be succeeding. The team that makes up the brand, composed mainly by Nicolai Marciano, has given the best version of itself to design the Fall/Winter 2023 collection they have just unveiled, related to the evolution of what they understand as American style codes and focused on the silhouette.

This latest release is the third chapter in the American brand’s history, in which as in the previous two, garments made with rustic vintage-style denim predominate, such as coats, flared or baggy trousers, or with patches and laces; and with cracked leather, such as tailored garments and cropped trucker jackets with sheepskin collars that adopt the style of the rare finds that can be found in artisan boutiques on the West Coast road. All very American, as you can see.

On the proposal, Nicolai commented:  “The third collection we’ve begun pushing the envelope when it comes to the silhouettes and the fit. We are in constant play between leather and denim.”

To finish off the celebration of American heritage, this time they decided to bring on board American designer Eli Russel Linnetz, one of the most in-demand designers in the business today, as the photographer for the advertising campaign that accompanies the line and solely responsible for capturing in the images the sense of adventure he experienced with Nicolai as they explored the GUESS archive.

Eli said of his involvement in the project: “GUESS has always been at the forefront of provocative imagery; I like creating powerful images that capture that.”

GUESS USA Fall/Winter 2023 collection will be available from Friday 15th September at the GUESS USA website and in selected stores.