July was an important month for Italian fashion house Gucci (part of the Kering group), as according to Lyst, the luxury brand once again took the coveted top spot in the ranking of the most desirable fashion brands on the market, unseating fellow group member Balenciaga.

This well-deserved podium is due in part to the various communication actions that have been developed by its team, such as: the Adidas x Gucci collaboration, the Gucci Ha Ha Ha collection (designed by singer Harry Styles) or its latest show “Gucci Cosmogonie”. All these actions have boosted the company even more and helped it to obtain this recognition.

But if you thought that Gucci, after regaining its position, was going to sit back and do nothing, you are very wrong, because if the month of July was theirs, so was the month of August. Why? Quite simply because of its new campaign “Exquisite”, which has just been unveiled and pays homage to its creative director Alessandro Michele, to cinema and to one of its most brilliant masters, Stanley Kubrick. If you’ve never heard of him, you should know that he was a philosophical filmmaker who knew, better than others, how to restore the magic of that inextricable knot through which cinema distils and exalts life itself.

Michele has always been passionate about cinema and above all about its power to tell stories capable of exploring the human odyssey and its drift, as well its visionary ability to probe the real and make it the subject of imaginative and dizzying interrogations. All these elements have made the world of performance the clear focus of the campaign.

What has Alessandro done with Gucci Exquisite? Re-inhabit Kubrick’s films and take his incendiary approach to the limit and translate it into garments, taking up his aim of combining sophistication and simplicity, in coherence and synergy with the iconic director’s grammar, or give everything an iconic character, symbolically sophisticated but capable of integrating into a clearly popular culture. The latter is one of the reasons why Alessandro Michele has chosen the director as a source of inspiration.

Take a look at the images from the Gucci “Exquisite” campaign because they are worthy of being displayed in a museum: