We don’t need to be told Gucci’s current monarch, Alessandro Michele, is a grand provocateur by nature. For SS20, the Italian label left the minds of many deeply reflecting. His often theatrically-staged performances (way far off than your archetypal RTW catwalk shows) are always ready to convey a profound connotation. Class them esoteric, abstruse, and sagacious. This season, the brand’s core perceptions pivoted towards change, with a prime focus on mental health stigmas. Guests were greeted by the ardor of a red room. And such, caused sudden drama. Not long after the prelude, lights went and the ambient was over. Frequently mimicking a voluptuous male/female being, Michele’s astounding yet eclectic faculty grasped a whole new twist. That loony aura felt somewhat faded at the show until a dose of tonal briskness shunned upon the catwalk during the second phase -referencing strong color blocking and bold ‘70s accessories. As remarked by the Creative Director himself, Michele affirmed he was ready to “try something new.” A fresh reinterpretation of the brand was stressed by the simpleness of cuts, modernized by an uncluttered array of prints. Tailor labels read “Gucci Orgasmique” -and it was hasty web-blast. His goal seemed quite novel: seemingly, indulge a new generation through phlegmatic fashion.