Gucci and HEAD have teamed up to create a personalized travel bag for tennis star Jannik Sinner. The bag made its debut at Roland Garros during Sinner’s first match at this year’s French Open in Paris.

The collaboration between Gucci and HEAD combines the best of both worlds: Gucci’s craftsmanship and style with HEAD’s expertise in high-performance sports equipment. As global ambassador for Gucci, Sinner’s career on and off the court is celebrated through this special partnership.

Last year, Gucci introduced the first custom travel bag for Sinner at Wimbledon, marking the beginning of their collaboration. Now, the new travel bag, designed by Gucci and produced by HEAD, features an elegant all-white leather design. The iconic green-red-green web—a nod to Gucci’s tennis heritage—adds a touch of classic flair. The Gucci x HEAD logo proudly represents the collaboration on the bag’s side.

Check it out below: