Tennis star Jannik Sinner has teamed up with Gucci for a new campaign that’s as much about performance as it is about style. Photographer Riccardo Raspa gives us a glimpse into Sinner’s world, from intense training sessions to the global tournament circuit.

The partnership kicked off with a custom travel bag at Wimbledon, showcasing Gucci’s flair for blending tradition with innovation. Since then, Sinner has been sporting Gucci’s designs at major tennis events, adding a touch of luxury to the sport’s classic look.

Sinner’s recent Grand Slam win is a testament to his skill and hard work. Gucci’s campaign is a tribute to his achievements and the timeless appeal of tennis—a sport deeply ingrained in the brand’s history.

Gucci’s connection to tennis goes back decades, with the brand offering tennis-related products since the 1970s. Their Tennis 1977 shoes were among the first sports shoes by a luxury brand, and their tennis fashion line in the 1980s was a hit with both athletes and fans.

With Sinner as the ambassador, Gucci is bridging the gap between its rich legacy and modern tennis culture. The campaign, inspired by a vintage Gucci ad, celebrates Sinner’s journey and the shared values of elegance and lifestyle that Gucci represents.

Check it out below: