What do you get when you combine ultra-resistant firemen’s uniform fabrics, mountain sports innovation, and karting and motorsports aesthetics? The answer is the X-ALP gr10k, a collaboration between gr10k, a brand that repurposes industrial materials into functional garments, and Salomon, a leader in outdoor sports equipment.

The X-ALP gr10k is not just a product, but a statement. It reflects a dynamic and anti-identitarian collaborative spirit, challenging corporate creativity norms and offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of function and technology. It explores the uncharted territory of motorsports, non-professional practice, suburban areas and karting tracks, presenting a shoe that integrates vocabulary like aerodynamics and engine technology.

The shoe features Salomon’s patented 3D Edging Chassis™️, which provides lateral stability and flexibility for optimal performance on uneven terrain. The collapsible tongue offers wearers style adaptability, mirroring the versatility of protective fire-retardant garments in racing. The shoe also incorporates gr10k’s signature use of recycled fabrics, such as the firemen’s uniform fabrics that are known for their durability and resistance to heat and flames.

The collaboration between gr10k and Salomon is rooted in the French Alps, where both brands are based. It is a conversation between heritage and innovation, and a research endeavor into new outdoor practice areas, natural limitations, and the sports media spectrum.

Check out the campaign photos below: