Givenchy’s upcoming Spring 2025 collection is all about mixing classic style with a bit of edge. They’re bringing back some old favorites like the Monogram 72 and animal prints, but with a twist that feels new and exciting. The idea is to make clothes that are easy to wear but still have that special Givenchy touch.

For the guys, it’s about combining that polished look we know from Givenchy with a more relaxed, creative vibe. Think tuxedos with a pop of unexpected color or military details that add a bit of fun. They’ve even brought back a cat print from the ’70s, but now it’s hiding in plain sight as part of a cool camouflage pattern.

The collection isn’t just about clothes, though. Accessories and footwear get their share of attention with bold patterns and textures. Teaming up with Bogs, they’ve created a cool hiking boot that’s as good for a walk in the woods as it is for a day in the city. And for a more casual look, there’s the G Move sneaker that’s a throwback to ’80s tennis shoes but made for today.

Check out the collection below: