Matthew M. Williams carries his innovative vision for the House of Givenchy by bringing it into the new world of digital fashion with a series of 15 NFTs — non-fungible tokens created in collaboration with graphic artist Chito.

Williams recently collaborated with Chito on the Spring 2022 pre-collection with an eye-catching line of clothing featuring airbrushed characters and symbols that pushed the boundaries for what many expect from a high fashion brand. Now, the Creative Director and the artist reveal the next phase of their collaboration with another boundary-pushing collection: a rare set of 15 unique NFT graphic designs, each created by Chito and Williams themselves. The collection will feature the same iconic prints used in the Spring 2022 pre-collection, such as the pop-inspired Truehearted.

The NFTs are unique digital artworks that can be used by collectors as online avatars or PFPs (profile pictures). NFTs as PFPs are a popular trend that the fashion community can adopt to exclusively showcase ownership of Chito and Williams’ creations for Givenchy — a true expression of digital fashion.

I’ve been wanting to explore this new and exciting space of NFTs. The fact that Chito is already active in the ecosystem made it feel even more natural for us to collaborate on this limited series and bring our collective vision for Givenchy even further.” Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy

The Chito x Givenchy NFTs will go on sale on OpenSea on November 23rd. After seven days the highest offer will be accepted and the bidders will receive their NFTs. This auction will help support Givenchy’s long-term preferred foundation, The Ocean Cleanup.