This project epitomizes an introspection into all the feelings that overwhelm one person who is trying to get over and adapt to the change after a long relationship. Inspired by black and white Mapplethorpe’s aesthetics of the ‘60s, Godard, nudes in painting and ancient sculptures, the project is meant to portray a male model as an allegory of the processes of ‘getting over’ after a break-up. It is divided into the following scenes: Idealizing, crying, destroying, wanting it all back, forgetting, remembering again, tearing apart, growing, and pulling yourself together.

Talent: Romano Diotti @romanodiotti at Elite Modeling Agency @elitemodelworld
Editor: Chidozie Obasi @chido.obasi
Photography: Kristijan Vojinovic @kristijan_vojinovic
Styling: Lian Lubany @lianlubany
Grooming: Eleonora Juglair @eleonorajuglair
Hair Stylist: Gabriele Marozzi @gab_marozzi
Brands: YEZAEL, Miaoran, M Missoni, Simon Cracker, Fabio Quaranta, N21, Z Zegna, Versace, Fendi, Dadamax, Cecilia Del Carmen Juarez B., Reamerei