Dance is a never-ending story, just like a complex equation in mathematics. It’s an extremely personal way to talk about oneself.” Angelo Recchia, AKA a self-proclaimed king of instincts and dreamy vibes, is reflecting, over Facetime, about his family-driven proclivity. Commencing at the tender age of eight, time of intense scrutiny abounded fairly quickly. “I have been studying dance since I was eight years of age,” he recalls. “I was in love with my sister; she danced prior to me starting, and I silently spied on her and I copied her moves. It is thanks to her that I discovered the love for movement. I mean, I always knew within myself that this would become my job.” After working with an ever-shifting roster of companies, Recchia found the very act of performing incredibly inspirational, despite the challenges. “I studied a lot and with of the dance industry, I worked hard and once I turned 18, I started traveling to study and work. It was not a difficult process; of course, there are always ups and downs, but I have always had a lot of confidence in my potential. I see dance and work in a very personal way, perhaps this was the winning card.” That sense of fearless instinct is something that he’s keen to share from the very first moment. “I’m a lover of life and people,” he admits. “I’m a lover of things in general, as I see love in good and bad things, in the days that pass and in the signs of time, from the smiles of strangers to that of my loved ones. Life is love.” He’s a man that goes with instinct. “Well, I’m a thinker who places no limits on thinking,” he says. Pardon his pun, but words are a testament of sincerity that’s pretty much written on his forehead. He’s a forward-thinker, but given his “instinctive” nature, he prefers not to rationalize. “Despite this, rationality and diplomacy are not my key strengths,” he ponders. “In most of my daily life, I am instinctive. I like to think of myself as a child who falls a few months old and instinctively puts his hands forward to soften the blow, but then falls on his face.” We told you that he takes it with a pinch of salt. He also describes himself as nosy. “Curious since birth, I have never seen things as impossible, it is knowledge that makes things accessible, possible, close.” And just like the rest of us all, Angelo grew up chasing dreams and bursting aspirations. Dance, his “winning card” was the thrill he always sought after, and when I summon him about what such means to him, he answers with potent frankness. “Dance is the possibility of making a thought come alive, an abstract concept that is impossible to express in words,” Recchia tells me. He gets emotional. I ask him to pause a minute. He then steps on. “I think that a great artist has a universe inside that goes beyond virtuosity or a beautiful movement. Dance is creativity, it is the ability to see colors where there are none, to build dreams in reality, and amplify reality. It’s stuff for sensitive minds.” Soulful and raw in equal measure, he reflects on his journey that led him to where he is now. “It was a very intense journey precisely because I am not a person who is easily satisfied,” he remarks. “I was born in Rome, where I grew up and graduated, then I moved to Paris for work where I lived for two years, then London and Milan,” he reminisces. “Now I live in Los Angeles, a city where I’m able to pursue my dreams. And no, none of this was simple because I was always forced to start over, to get involved. All this, however, is the oxygen that keeps my fire burning, which encourages me to always give my best, in order to fully experience this short business which is being a dancer. Who stops half-way is totally lost. Fashion has always been a passion and even if I have never walked on a catwalk as a model (which I absolutely would love to), but thanks to my job as a dancer, I have been able to collaborate with some of the biggest international brands.” Giving us an insight into his emotionally driven journey, Recchia then charts through la-la-land of social media, frustrations and reflects on its daunting reality. “Sadly, being a public figure gives you visibility, which becomes a real responsibility if the people who follow you also begin to emulate what you do. Often this condition may not be tolerated by everyone, resulting in storms of trolls and criticism,” he says. “But this is a reality that I have always lived; I am gay, and I grew up in a sea of criticism and bullying. The gossips on the web don’t scratch me; I never respond to bad things, when they cross the line I just answer with sarcasm.” Indeed, Instagram can be a sea with plenty of bad stuff, which can be somewhat destabilizing for one’s identity. He asserts: “I have a strange relationship with social media. I am an extremely transparent person in life who, however, alternates moments of utter fatigue. And that’s how I see my profile: it’s very chameleonic and changes according to the periods I go through,” he says. “This is why I think that my Instagram reflects my identity as in my content I try to convey something that makes sense and not necessarily easy and direct to read. I don’t like being explicit in things, I like people to get there through reasoning, and when it is not understood, who cares! It is also nice when this hidden meaning is understood, and it happens to receive emails and letters of help from fans where in their own way they tell me their stories! We all have a traumatic experience and it is nice to strengthen each other.” Stepping out of the ‘gram, Recchia points out the imperativeness of a “diverse eye” across the media, unleashing further thoughts. “Instagram is becoming a real circus. Or rather, it is a platform where we all are inspired, where our lives are displayed on the showcase as pieces of art. But I notice that the more time passes, the more the proposals are equal, let’s not forget that diversity is the key. This is why I think the winning ticket is to always propose something different, concepts, and thoughts that don’t necessarily resemble someone else’s. It’s nice to hear the voice out of the chorus, to go against the tide, that’s what has always caught my attention.” Okay, now we’ve gained the full picture. Moving back to his much-craved side-lines, he wishes to have had more confidence at the start of his career and holds absolutely no remorse. “I wish I had believed more in myself in certain situations, particularly when I was younger,” he reflects. “I tended to get very discouraged, I always thought I was missing something compared to others.” After starring in Amici, a national Italian TV program championing the best talents across the music and dance scene, placing them internationally, Angelo has grown into more than just a handsome chap. He’s been gratified by the esteem received from his co-workers and supporters. “The most gratifying aspect for me is the esteem I received from people for what I create,” he says. “I am an extremely empathetic person and I love sharing my art. I think the gratitude and energy that goes into supporting artists is the most important thing, I owe a lot to people for this.” Before we wrap our chat, I’m kind of dismayed to be losing a zealous mind. He’s been good company, and I believe his zeal will triumph in any surroundings. “Just be yourself!” he enthuses. “Have the courage to carry on your personal vision of the world, with education and respect for others, without stepping on anyone’s toes. Have faith in your talent and be curious. The world goes too fast, and there is no time for those who behave as the crowd behaves, so be the voice out of the chorus.

Talent: Angelo Recchia @angelorecchia
Photography: Leandro Emede @leandroemede
Stylist: Nick Cerioni @nickcerioni
Stylist Assistant: Michele Potenza @mitch___power, Arianna Beachi @ariannabeachi
Seamstress: Sara Pamio @sara_pamio
MUA & Hair: Andrea Croci @croci_hairstylist