Aliens or SpongeBob? Which do you choose? It’s a tough choice. GCDS wouldn’t know which one to choose either, because although its collection recently presented in Milan during MFW was called “Alien Disco”, the truth is that the real guardian of the Rotonda Della Besana, the brand’s house during each fashion week, was not an alien but the protagonist of the American cartoon TV series SpongeBob, because at the entrance of the fashion show location there was a large inflatable structure of it.

What did Giuliano Calza, creative director, want to tell us with this inflatable structure? Well, that of course the spring/summer 23 of the brand he founded with his brother Giordano would be, at the very least, fun and colorful. And so it was, that’s what Giuliano offered us, a show full of aliens or extraterrestrials, whatever you want to call them, dressed in a sexy way and with vibrant colors and combinations in the purest color block style.

The aliens walked around an XL-sized ball simulating a planet, while the looks took all the attention as they appeared. But where were the aliens going dressed like this? To give it their all on the dance floors of their planets’ nightclubs. Some were dressed more elegantly with satin tailoring or sequin embroidery, while others decided to go urban and more casual and, why not, a little sexier and more daring. Bright ribbed knitted jumpers and colored denim were the most predominant in the collection.

GCDS creatures are here to stay and to take their place, so get ready to make room for them. Click here to watch the show and take a look below to see the collection: