Chances are you have probably already seen Luther Ford as a fresh face at Paris Fashion Week. The young British actor definitely looks good in front of the camera and now he is bringing Prince Harry to our screens in the sixth and final season of Netflix’s enormously popular smash drama The Crown. The season jumps ahead to young adult Harry and his brother William following the passing of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales, and some of the most talked-about historical events in Harry’s life. Prior to this, Luther produced and edited several short films, including Dream Between which was awarded Best Student Short Film. 

Photographer Ollie Ali takes us to Soho, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, and drops into the intimate dinery Bantof where he captured Ford styled by Chalisa Guerrero in CELINE Homme, Dior, Givenchy, Paul Smith, Solid Homme, and more. While The Crown was part of our discourse, there is so much more to learn about this rising star.

Hat by Dior, Suit by Sagaboi, Shirt by Philipp Plein, Shoes by Toga Virilis, Socks by Falke, Jewelry by CELINE Homme, Shaun Leane, Pyrrha, Thomas Sabo

You have emerged on the screen as a relative newcomer. Let’s start at the beginning. Where did you grow up and how would you describe your household?

North London, around Camden. I remember there was always music playing, probably the Beatles. You’d probably find me running around with a VHS camera or kicking a ball against a wall. It was busy. Many interesting and strange ornaments.

What drew you to filmmaking and do you see acting as a part of that?

I think in a funny way, the fact I wasn’t allowed to really watch Films or TV when I was a child, encouraged me to pick up a camera. Maybe I thought, well if I can’t watch TV, I’ll film something and then watch that back. Me and my best friend would coordinate long, elaborate fight scenes, often in the toilet, as that was the only room we could lock. I suppose I do see acting as part of that. We were always acting in our films because if we weren’t going to, then who would? I definitely enjoyed doing it.

You portray Prince Harry in Season 6 Part 2 of The Crown. Did you go back and watch the series after you got the role?

As soon as I got the part, I think my first thought was right, I needed to go back and watch it from start to finish. I remember putting on an episode and thinking ‘Wow, I’m going to be a part of that’. But that quickly transitioned, to ‘Oh my god. I’m going to be a part of that.’ It was pretty intimidating as it was so good! So in the end I didn’t. There were too many things to navigate.

30s, 40s, 50s 60s, 70s, 80s 90s… What decade do you love the most and why?

60s? I don’t know, I think from a music perspective it’s quite hard to beat. Height of the Beatles, Hendrix, Rolling Stones. Woodstock. Not 94…

You went on the casting call for The Crown on a whim, what initially drew you to Harry?

I think a better question is why did my brother’s girlfriend thought I could play Prince Harry haha (she sent it to me). I think she said, ‘I’ve seen that cheeky smile, and when your cheeks are all red’. I don’t know If I was particularly drawn to him before, I mean I liked him but he wasn’t really on my radar. Then I did some research and thought ah yes. He’s ginger.

Jacket & Trousers Paul Smith, Shirt Solid Homme Tie Solid Homme Shoes Jimmy Choo Socks Falke Jewelry Shaun Leane, Pyrrha, Thomas Sabo

First of all, The Crown is taking us into what was the New Millenium and hot off the heels of New Labour, Cool Brittania, etc. This was literally before your time. How did you approach the role based on a real person at a particular time in their life and history?

There’s a research team that provides you with extensive material; books, documentaries, articles, documents. Everything you could want. I worked with a movement coach (Polly Bennet) and a dialect coach (William Conacher). I was set up with a young Marine who taught me how to march, that was purely to grasp a sense of posture and duty I think. That was really helpful. I suppose I just surrounded myself with everything that felt relevant. But also at some point, you do have to stop and let go of the research. It definitely becomes a crutch and you kind of have to trust that you’re hopefully on the right path and are ready to start using your imagination.

Was it important for you to identify with him? Any shared similarities?

I think your job is to identify with them. Or at least find a way in. I mean it can be relatively hard at first to identify with a prince, but you look for the little things that mean something to you and build from there. Obviously, we’re both ginger. I think the idea Peter Morgan was interested in exploring was the dynamic between brothers, within an institution. The idea of ‘the black sheep’, was something I could strangely relate to in terms of joining this cast of actors. I mean they’re legends! It wasn’t hard to feel out of place from a professional standpoint and I used that. Plus I just tried to keep a cheeky edge.

Did your experience on The Crown change your perspective on society or the family?

I think it gave me an understanding of the relationship between the Royal Family & the press and that was very interesting. I’m playing someone who was born into this sort of contractual obligation with the press and the newspapers largely dictate our image of them. I suppose also simply by spending a lot of time thinking about them, you naturally become more empathetic and start to see them as people beyond royals.

Any good memories or funny stories from the set?

Dominic West falling asleep on a ski lift was funny. We were filming a sequence, set in Canada, which in fact was shot in a chalk quarry in Hertfordshire I believe. The VFX team is incredible! They’d rigged up this ski lift between two huge cherry pickers. It was me, Ed, and Dominic and he fell asleep up there before the take and woke up bang-on action, delivered perfectly. That’s an experience for you. Legend.

Jacket & top by Givenchy, Trousers by Paul Smith, Shoes by CELINE Homme, Socks by Falke, Belt by Toga Virilis, Sunglasses by Les Monts, Jewelry by Shaun Leane, Pyrrha, Thomas Sabo

Post-Harry, what characters would you like to play?

I’d love to play a villain. A real bastard haha. Someone in some kind of cape, emerging from smoke. I don’t know. I like quiet characters. I was definitely surprised by how challenging I found the things you would presume would be the simple part, ie: doing or saying nothing. I constantly had to resist the feeling that it wasn’t enough. So yes, maybe a quiet villain. Or some youngster in a nice Mubi film, please. Very nice.

Did you grow up watching TV, what are your favourite shows?

I actually didn’t really. My mum was quite anti-pop-culture, so I was working way back in the 20s. Half an hour of Laurel & Hardy. Sure. As I got a bit older my first love was comedy. The Office (UK), The Young Ones, Bottom, Flight of the Concords, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.

I heard you are quite the singer. Do you have a karaoke song?

Who’s your source? I think it might be my agency. They’re lying! Karaoke-wise, I’d go big, maybe Kate Bush Wuthering Heights. Falsetto.

Kate Bush is not an easy one! Have you been to Players Bar in Charing Cross?

No. Should I? Are they sponsoring haha?

If you want Kate or Britney on piano with a bunch of suits singing along, it’s the place to be. Moving to behind the camera, you are also keen on directing and have worked on a few shorts. What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

Maybe editing. There’s something really nice about knowing that you have everything and now it’s about putting it all together. Feels a lot like the writing process. Lots of experimentation, things surprise you. You see it come together before you and then there’s sound design, music, and colour, it’s all very exciting.

Coat, vest, belt & shoes by CELINE Homme, Denim by Givenchy, Jewelry by Thomas Sabo, Shaun Leane, Pyrrha

If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would it be?

I think I’d go classic. Maybe the first Godfather, or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… La La Land..?

Now you are doing lots of press, when doing these press tours, has your style evolved over the years?

Well, it’s only been a few months, so I’m sort of finding it I think.

Any particular style influences?

Hmmm, I’m not very knowledgeable in the style department I must admit. I like being comfy. Oversized for sure.

Do you have an embarrassing fashion moment or a trend that makes you laugh when you look back?

Skinny, skinny, skinny jeans. I can’t wrap my head around it. When I was 14 that was all the rage, I just can’t work out how I ever was comfortable. Although I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing about baggy trousers in 10 years.

On the other hand, it must be fun exploring characters through costumes, what is a fashion trend you would love to bring back?

Dungarees? Was that ever a trend? It’s not even that you’d be wrong for wearing them now, but I don’t know, are dungarees cool? I’ve always liked them from afar but never worn them. Also, maybe some Soprano-esq shirts.

2023 is soon coming to an end, what are you looking forward to in 2024, any new projects?

A exciting new chapter I hope. I’d love to do some traveling and get a new short film project on the go. Reminded me I need to finish a horror film I’m making with my friend. No new projects as of yet, unemployed, no, there may be some things simmering away, nothing I can declare…. Let’s see!

Jacket, top & trousers by Paul Smith, Shoes by Jimmy Choo, Socks by Falke, Jewelry by A Sinner In Pearls, Thomas Sabo, Pyrrha

Shirt & trousers Solid Homme, Shoes by Dior, Jewelry A Sinner In Pearls, Thomas Sabo, Pyrrha
Photographer & Director: Ollie Ali @mrollieali
DOP: Ruth Elopuro @ruthlessbroccoli
Stylist: Chalisa Guerrero @chalisaguerrerostylist
Hair: Diego Miranda @diegomiranda @btstalent using @marianilaprofessional
MUA: Larisa Moldovan @larisa.mua
Fashion Assistant: Allana Davies @par_allana
Gaffer: Lenny Cossey @len_cossey
BTS: Freddie Pearson @shotbyfrederick
Motion Editor: Garry Coogan @garyvslife at The Quarry @thequarryedit
Motion Grade: @cheat_it
Location: Bantof @bantof_soho