There aren’t many artists that can say their inspirations veer wildly from Leonard Cohen to The Faces, but if it’s one thing to know for certain, it’s that London-based singer Matthew Roberts isn’t just doing things for the ‘gram.

And sonically, the warm yet folk-sounding vocal thrills blended with a raw soul are perceptible in his classic genre – already making waves with his track Autumn Rain.

We caught up with the newcomer and unpacked early beginnings, inspirations, and his turbo-charged future…

When did you first realize you wanted to get into music?

My parents were always big gig-goers so I grew up listening to rock music from the ‘70s, but I guess it was watching re-runs of ‘70s TOTP with Rod Stewart and The Faces that really inspired me to become an artist myself. I actually started with the cello but progressed to the guitar in my teens and joined various bands along the way. 


How would you describe your genre?

If I were to pop myself into a genre it would probably be alt-folk.


And how about your sound?

My sound is heavily inspired by the 60’s and 70’s folk.

Who did you listen to growing up?

I grew up listening to an array of artists, but great artists such as John Denver, Jim Croc, Glen Campbell, and Travis really inspired me. 


Where do you get inspiration for your music from?

Guild Guitars compared my sound to Leonard Cohen on Instagram which has to be the biggest compliment I’ve ever received. 

Could you tell us the best piece of feedback ever received about your practice?

Ideal life was inspired by my childhood, and what it was like to grow up on a council estate in East London in the 90s. 


Where did the inspiration for your “Autumn Rain” single come from?

The new single is much more progressive and upbeat in style, but still features the classic folk ambiance of Autumn Rain.

Tell us all about your newest track…

Titled “Ideal Life”, the new single is much more progressive and upbeat in style, but still features the classic folk ambiance of Autumn Rain.  

Dream collabs?

My dream collaboration would have to be John Denver! 

What’s the next big shot?

The next big shot? That’s a tricky one, well the plan is to play some more live slots and really try to make my mark in the music world. It’s so tough out there right now so any recognition is a bonus, but if my music manages to touch someone then as an artist, I feel complete. 


Photography: Kane Layland @kanelayland
Talent: Matthew Roberts @TheMatthew24
Management: AMCK Models @amckmodels