Milan’s Alcione Theatre became a circular catwalk last Saturday, thanks to Italian luxury brand Ferrari and its current creative director Rocco Iannone, as it was the chosen stage to present the brand and designer’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Rocco and the famous high-end car company joined forces in 2019, and from that moment onwards, Iannone’s work has received nothing but praise, as at the beginning of the launch of the clothing and accessories line, most imagined it would be something different, and fall into the obvious. But no, it wasn’t, quite the contrary, and time proved the mastery of the creator and how well he knows and defends the concepts of elegant, avant-garde, and timeless fashion.

These three adjectives were very present in the proposal just shown, the aim of which was to make clear the strength of desire, a timeless and unlimited feeling that has always beat at the heart of the Ferrari universe, generating in those who live and surround it a reflection of unconditional passion, a continuous form of dedication and devotion that draws the indelible contours of the myth.

Feelings and sensations are one of the most interesting worlds to analyse, especially for those who make some kind of art, as is the case of R.I., who as a good professional has experienced first-hand how those aforementioned feelings have been released, spurred on, and overflowed, until finally dilating into a new achievement, thus motivating the constant search for excellence and refinement. In this way, what was intended was achieved: an innovative and complex aesthetic that would further elevate the work done and further the process of evolution.

Almost 20 looks that made up the men’s part of the fashion show spoke of this, as well as of the brand’s stylistic codes on which they were based, which were racing, workwear, or tailoring, always perfectly cared for so that every one of them would be equally beautiful and sensual for those who wore them and felt in first person the essence of the silhouettes (somewhat oversized and with curved lines), the materials and the colour.

In terms of the colour palette that dyed the garments, it began with white, but as the show developed, it evolved towards warmer tones, such as powdered pink or nude, amber, red, denim blue, and navy blue. The first colour of all combined wonderfully with the fabric used in the corresponding pieces: nappa leather. This union was somewhat amusing, as when the colour was combined with the quilting of a coat, it looked like a cloud. The powdered pink did its job well, which was to bring a delicate touch to the fine knitwear on offer that enveloped the body like a gauzy cocoon, while amber accompanied the transition from day to night by embellishing the silk woven with metallic fibres and red (Ferrari’s signature colour) added strength and power. As for blue, the denim effect was achieved through an exploration of the most sophisticated washes and a play of vertical fades that enhanced the richness of its textures; and navy blue introduced a drape of luxurious wool.

Every detail is well thought out, and proof of this is the mission of sustainability that Rocco and the company continue to pursue through the constant search for fabrics and solutions with a reduced environmental impact, placing ethical values at the heart of the aesthetic narrative. On the catwalk, we find garments in wool, denim, GRS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEK-certified flocked denim, and plongé leathers that meet the standards of traceability and transparency of the supply chain.

Finally, the line includes sculptural jewellery inspired by the original engine parts, tech-couture gloves, and futuristic sunglasses. Check out the Ferrari by Rocco Iannone Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: