Under the Creative Direction of Jerry Lorenzo, photographers Maria and Louise Thornfeldt captured Fear of God ESSENTIALS latest offering which sees the introduction of new and innovative construction details and a refreshed, warmer color palette across a selection that makes up the ESSENTIALS wardrobe staples.

The Essentials Hoodie reintroduces the classic overlay hood, updated with bound finishes, upgraded embellishments, and developed heather gray and wood hues. The core denim collection expands with two distinct medium indigo fabrications, including the narrow-fit five-pocket, trucker jacket, overshirt, and lounge pants. Cotton twill and woven nylon are two other fabric options. Core collection staples like the lounge pants and classic tee return in the house’s typically elegant and spacious silhouettes.

Check it out below:


Creative Director: Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer: Maria and Louise Thornfeldt
Campaign Art Direction: Carlos Nazario
In-Studio Stylist: Veneda Carter
Talent: Vince Staples, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Ezekiel Conteh, Ruben Moreira, Jessie Aina, Pierrick Gregoire, Terrill Jefferson