Geoffroy Lauzet is a mover and shaker behind the scenes in fashion as he’s in charge of curating the most exciting selection at TRANOÏ MEN. He has brought together boundless creativity in the fashion community, many of which are exploring sustainable solutions alongside a push for gender inclusion, and this upcoming season looks stronger than ever.

We caught up with Geoffroy to see what 2023 has in store for us!

First of all, as we are wrapping up the year, what has been the most exciting part for you?

The resilience of the emerging designer who still proves to the market, that is possible to have a better way to buy creative design with a sustainable approach on each level of the process.

I heard that you have some big news for the upcoming edition of TRANOÏ, can you tell us what it is?

Indeed! The next TRANOÏ MEN edition will happen in a new location! Le Garage Amelot. Well-known location during many PFW in the past. The location held many runways from the most influential brands from the official calendar! And finally, the location of the Garage is just perfect for the buyers: in the heart of le Marais.

I remember seeing Vivienne Westwood there last year, the place was so stunning and versatile. How would you like to use the space and what inspired the move?

It is also big news for the most curated and creative brand who will join us, our goal is to make the Garage Amelot, the HUB for the menswear Fashion week in Paris. We expect the international top buyers to visit us and find the most exciting labels for the next AW23-24 season. To go further on our mission, we will produce Runways or Presentations in the same location, on the top floor. We will also welcome Multi brand showroom, I would love to share with you the name, but it must remain confidential at this moment. It’s going to be an exciting and vibrant moment for all the menswear and genderless scene during the next Fashion Week.

And I must say, moving to the Garage Amelot, was evident to us. To be closer to the earth of the Menswear/Genderless scene in le Marais.

You bring together a selection of interesting brands from all over the world, unconventionally mixed together.

This is the most interesting and exciting part of my job. The brand mix and the selection, therefore propose a new vision of the future menswear. It is important for TRANOÏ to stand with clear criteria regarding the selection. The goal is to propose to buyers a strong selection of labels, vibrant, creative, pushing the boundaries, and of course, with an authentic creative approach from the designers.

We have 3 strong segments to propose. Emerging Designer, contemporary creative menswear, accessories, and shoes. On the emerging designer, is the prism where you can see some part of the future wardrobe for any gender. Is the platform where you can experience something really unique and it’s our mission to promote this newgen!

Contemporary creative menswear is the main offer at Tranoï, can start from Premium streetwear to the most advanced new tailoring, and also the most exciting Outerwear, accessories and shoes, are also important, to give some relevant new designs and new approaches to menswear clothing.

It’s really hard for buyers to take a risk on new designers. What advice would you give to designers who are just entering the marketplace?

I believe in consistency. Consistency is the key. If we take the example of ISNURH, the creative label for CPH, or DenzilPatrick, one of the most talented designers from London, and many others in TRANOÏ MEN, you can feel it in their work season after season, the work is mature and it’s somehow it’s giving an answer to the market. Their business is growing, season after season, because buyers need to feel they take the right choice, on a design level, on price point, to propose something alternative to the usual Menswear wardrobe, something outdated in my point of view. Our selection is talking to the top buyers and top stores in the world, those buyers need to get convinced that we will take the right choice buying labels at TRANOÏ MEN.

What trends from SS23 do you expect to expand to FW23?

For sure, the genderless wardrobe is going to expand, that’s even more of a fact, that we could already see the new gen adopting this ‘has the new normal”. The question, it’s more what next, and if we really need the next trend. I would like to say “looping” (reinterpreting, re-cycle) is the only trend that is consistent season after season. More than ever, we can see on the New Creative Contemporary Labels a touch of, let’s call it “GENDER FREE” and it will change also the more classic menswear approach for the final consumer!

What is your opinion on the future of streetwear? I felt that in the last edition many designers were taking sustainability as the future.

There is no doubt, sustainability it’s completely integrated by all the NewGen Designers. I don’t think we could say streetwear will be out of sight right away. It’s evolving to something more hybrid, we could say that the newgen designer could mix tailoring, classicism, baroque, gender-neutral statement, into streetwear. More and more Political speeches emerge from their work!

19-22 JAN 2023
Fall/Winter 2023-24
Passage Saint-Pierre Amelot, 75011 Paris

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