Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA), the non-profit organization, is gearing up for the 5th edition of their prestigious annual event, the FTA Awards. This year, the FTA Awards will take place in Doha during the week of October 23rd, 2023, featuring an array of activities such as judging, an awards ceremony, and a showcase of the talented finalists.

The Advisory Board holds the responsibility of handpicking the 24 FTA designer finalists from a pool of diverse applications covering the MENA region. Once chosen by the Advisory Board, these finalists will have the opportunity to present their remarkable work to the FTA Jury, vying for the coveted FTA 2023 Awards.

Comprised of respected individuals from the industry, the Advisory Board for this year’s event brings together renowned experts and tastemakers who have consistently upheld the FTA’s legacy. Among the impressive lineup are Ana Khouri, Beka Gvishiani, Carljin Jacobs, Carlos Nazario, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Delfina Deletrez, Kelly Wearstler, Michael Ward, Miral Youssef, Nadia Dhouib, Peter Dundas, Piotrek Panszcyk, Beckett Fogg, Sarah Staudinger, Tyler Mitchell, and Valerie Messika.

Several Advisory Board members from previous years will also be returning to contribute their expertise, including Adam Baidawi, Caroline Issa, Fabio Piras, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Gaia Repossi, Imruh Asha, Nina Garcia, Saif Mahdhi, Sara Maino, Susie Lau, and Tiffany Godoy.

In 2021, FTA introduced a distinctive element to their event, the Guest Country Award. This initiative focuses on nurturing young creatives by providing them with a global network of contacts and support. It serves as a platform for designers from emerging markets to foster knowledge exchange and cultural dialogue. Previously, Colombia was the guest country in 2021, followed by Turkey in 2022. This year, FTA has partnered with the EMERGE Initiative, with Nigeria being the honored Guest Country for 2023.