As Finland takes the lead in pioneering new material innovations for the textile industry, a fresh generation of Finnish designers triumphs on the world stage. Aalto University’s Tuuli-Tytti Koivula claimed victory at the prestigious Alpha Fashion Awards during Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2023, while Aalto University’s Jenny Hytönen secured the top prize at last year’s Hyerés Festival. Notably, Finnish brands like Latimmier and Rolf Ekroth have enjoyed remarkable visibility at international fashion weeks this year, capturing the industry’s attention.

Fashion in Helsinki, an annual extravaganza, serves as the epicenter for young designers, emerging brands, cutting-edge material breakthroughs, and international luminaries. Throughout the week, the 4-days event showcases transformative highlights such as the Transformation Conference, the captivating Fashion in Helsinki runway show spotlighting Aalto Recoded, By Hinders, Ervin Latimer, Rolf Ekroth, and VAIN, and the highly anticipated Aalto University graduation show. The core themes revolve around innovative solutions, boundless creativity, gender dynamics, and the pursuit of equality.

Miia Koski, CEO of Juni Communication, emphasizes the crucial synergy between Finnish material innovations and globally recognized design expertise. Fashion is currently undergoing one of its most momentous periods of transformation. With the green revolution in full swing and the EU preparing a textile strategy to regulate material usage and textile recycling, Finland stands at the forefront of countless opportunities. Yet, achieving significant change demands both domestic and international collaboration.

Fashion in Helsinki serves as a catalyst, strengthening global networks and propelling the internationalization of Finnish innovations and creative brilliance. This May, the event extends a warm invitation to Swedish and other Nordic fashion enterprises and professionals, converging in Finland to explore collaborative possibilities during the Transformation Conference. Scandinavian Mind, Helsinki Partners, and Business Finland join forces to facilitate this groundbreaking event.

Vappu Mänty, Director of PR and Communication at Helsinki Partners, underscores the shared values and similarities among the Nordic countries, reflected in the current state of the fashion industry. United by a profound commitment to equality and innovation, these nations have birthed visionary materials, groundbreaking companies, and a legion of sought-after creative talents. In this transformative era for fashion, the goal is to forge a deeper impact on the industry, harmoniously harnessing the collective power of the Nordic countries.

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