Step into the dazzling world of Fashion in Helsinki, an electrifying yearly spectacle that pulsates with youthful vibrance, igniting the creative embers of budding designers, groundbreaking brands, revolutionary textile advancements, and esteemed icons from around the globe. At its very core, this cultural phenomenon weaves together ingenious problem-solving, limitless imagination, fluid gender dynamics, and an unwavering commitment to leveling the playing field.

Venturing behind the curtain, our photographer, Marc Medina, embarked on a captivating journey to immortalize the essence of menswear from the Fashion in Helsinki runway show. Showcasing the collections of Aalto Recoded, By Hinders, Ervin Latimer, Rolf Ekroth, and VAIN, each frame captured echoes with the reverberations of sartorial brilliance.

Check it out below: